Mexican guideline for multidisciplinary care in awake surgery and electric direct mapping, as treatment for brain lesions in eloquent areas

  • Santiago Núñez-Velasco
  • Sergio Moreno-Jiménez
  • Javier Avendaño-Méndez Padilla
  • Juan Luis Gómez-Amador
  • Jorge Navarro-Bonet
  • Ricardo García-Iturbide
  • Cristian Alejandro Molina-Martínez
  • Claudio Hiram Pech-Cervantes
  • Areli Pérez-Castillo
  • José Lucio-Soria
  • Edith Elizabeth Ochoa-Martínez
  • Alfonso Arellano-Reynoso
  • Sonia Mejía-Pérez
Keywords: awake surgery, eloquent area, tumor lesion, mexican guide


Awake surgery has been considered as the gold standard for treatment of tumor lesions adjacent to eloquent areas; it has to be done through a multidisciplinary approach, involving neurosurgeons, neuroanesthesiologists, neurolinguists and neuropsychologists, allowing a maximal tumoral safe resection, respecting the functional limits of each patient. This guideline was made by experts of the National Institute of Neurology and Neurosurgery and others centers of reference in Mexico. It contains criteria for patient selection, ancillary tests, imaging studies, among other general recommendations for all the involved personal in the process.
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