Anaplastic astrocytoma syncronus multifocal presented as lobar hemorrhage


  • José Antonio Chávez-López
  • Rosalina García-Cisneros
  • Antonio Zarate-Mendez
  • Beatriz Sereno-Gómez



brain tumors, multifocal gliomas, anaplastic astrocytoma, multiple brain injuries


Multifocal cerebral gliomas are rare tumors. The reported incidence is about 2-5% of total high-graded gliomas. The majority of affected patients are in the third to fourth decade of life. Glioblastoma is the most common histologic variant, followed by anaplastic astrocytoma. There is no defined clinical feature and are often misdiagnosed as metastases with unknown primary focus. Management remains controversial. We present the case of a 55 years old male patient, with clinical presentation of intracerebral hemorrhage. Imaging studies showed corticosubcortical multiple lesions and in the basal ganglia. Stereotactic biopsy was reported multifocal anaplastic astrocytoma.



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Chávez-López, J. A., García-Cisneros, R., Zarate-Mendez, A., & Sereno-Gómez, B. (2016). Anaplastic astrocytoma syncronus multifocal presented as lobar hemorrhage. Archivos De Neurociencias, 21(4).



Case report

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