Chordoma of the lumbar spine mimicking a herniated disc sequestered


  • José Antonio Chávez-López
  • Rosalina García-Cisneros
  • Ignacio Félix-Espinoza



Classic chordoma, spinal tumors, radiculopathy, disc herniation


Chordomas are rare and slow-growing tumors that arise from remnants of the notochordal cells. The notochord represents embryological origin of the axial skeleton. There may be extrusion of this vestige causing aberrant locations remnants of the notochord and persist along the cranial-spinal axis. The extrusion into the extradural or intradural space allow bone growth without inclusion. We present a rare case of extraosseus and extradural chordoma in a male patient of 65 years with clinical presentation of radiculopathy and an image in the MRI study that mimicked a herniated disc sequestered. The histopathology report was a classic chordoma.



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Chávez-López, J. A., García-Cisneros, R., & Félix-Espinoza, I. (2016). Chordoma of the lumbar spine mimicking a herniated disc sequestered. Archivos De Neurociencias, 21(4).



Case report

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