Fistula spontaneous cerebrospinal fluid through the clivus


  • Edgar Robledo-Moreno
  • Eduardo Vargas-Olguín
  • Jorge Glicerio González-Sánchez
  • Lizeth Bribiescas-Carreón



fistula, cerebrospinal fluid, clivus, approach grafting


Fistulas of the cerebrospinal fluid through the back wall of the clivus are extremely rare until 2015 only have been reported in 16 cases. These are a serious problem and a potentially fatal condition whose management requires a multidisciplinary approach. We report the case of a 56 year-old female with 6 months of evolution, of spontaneous occurrence, characterized by a runny nose, and headache holocraneana intermittent mild to moderate intensity. In this case we repaired the fistula with a graft of septal cartilage reinforced with a flap of mucosal nasoseptal and fibrin glue, we obtained a successful outcome.



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Robledo-Moreno, E., Vargas-Olguín, E., González-Sánchez, J. G., & Bribiescas-Carreón, L. (2016). Fistula spontaneous cerebrospinal fluid through the clivus. Archivos De Neurociencias, 21(3).



Case report

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