Open Access Policy

Authors whose contributions are accepted for publication in Archivos de Neurociencias (Archives of Neurosciences) agree that all published documents are disseminated in Open Access and are available online free of charge, immediately after publication.

Policy on charges for shipping and processing of articles

Archivos de Neurociencias does not make any charge for submitting, processing and publishing received articles (APC) in the journal.

Use of Creative Commons (CC) licenses

All the texts published by the journal Archives of Neurosciences without exception, are distributed under the CC-BY 4.0 International license. That allows third parties to use what is published, provided that they mention the authorship of the work and the proper reference to this journal. 

Authors' rights

In accordance with the current legislation on Copyright, Archivos de Neurociencias recognizes and respects the moral rights of the authors, as well as the ownership of their patrimonial right, which will be transferred - non-exclusively - to the journal to allow its Open Access dissemination.

Authors may make other independent and additional contractual agreements for the non-exclusive distribution of the version of the published article (for example, include it in an institutional repository or make it known in other paper or electronic media), provided that it is clearly and explicitly indicated that the work was published for the first time in the journal Archivos de Neurociencias.

For all of the above, the authors must send the Letter of Transmission of Patrimonial Rights and Authorization for Publication (Cession Agreement Letter), duly completed and signed by the authors. This format must be submitted in PDF through the OJS platform.

Readers' Rights

Under the principles of Open Access, readers have the right to freely read, print and distribute the contents of the journal by any means, immediately upon online publication of the contents. The only requirement for this is that it always be clearly and explicitly stated that the work was published for the first time in the journal Archivos de Neurociencias and that the source and the corresponding DOI be correctly cited.