Authors' obligations

Protection of people and animals

  1. In studies carried out in human beings, it must be clearly indicated whether the methods followed complied with the ethical standards of the corresponding Research or Clinical Trials Committee (of the country, hospital, research center or institution) and of the 1975 Helsinki Declaration.
  2. Images, names, initials or hospital data that allow the identification of the study subjects should not be included
  3. When experiments carried out on animals are included, it must be indicated whether the ethical standards of the corresponding research center, or possible national laws, regarding the care and use of laboratory animals have been followed.

Redundant or duplicate publication

  1. Sending a text implies that the work has not been previously published in the form in which it is sent to the Archivos de Neurociencias (except as an abastract or part of a thesis).
  2. If the text has been previously disseminated in a pre-print repository, the corresponding author must make it explicit at the time of application and indicate the corresponding DOI.
  3. If the article is accepted, the authors compromise to ensure that any post-publication dissemination refers to the journal Archivos de Neurociencias as the space where it was first published, and it will be ensured that the citation adequately refers to the data of Journal and the DOI assigned to it.

Financing and declaration of possible conflict of interest

  1. Authors must communicate any commercial or financial help received during the research, at the time of writing the article or its publication, or any potential financial interest in relation to the topic of their article and that could give rise to a conflict of interest
  2. If there is no source of funding, the manuscript must include the following statement: "The authors did not receive any specific funding for this work".

Informed consent

Where appropriate, the authors must mention as part of the "Materials and methods" section that the procedures and controls applied on the patients were carried out after obtaining an informed consent.


  1. The authors are responsible for guaranteeing the right to privacy of the patients, protecting their identity both in the manuscript of the article and in the images.
  2. Names, initials or numbers from the hospital's medical history will not be used, as well as any other type of irrelevant data for the research that could identify the patient, neither in the manuscript nor in the photographs/images; unless such information is essential for scientific purposes, in which case it may be incorporated in the article provided that the patient (or legal guardian) gives written informed consent for its publication, as suggested by the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (IMJE) in the section on Scientific misconduct, expressions of concern and retraction

Reproduction rights

Authors who reproduce previously published materials (text, tables or figures) in their article will be directly responsible for obtaining the appropriate permissions to be reproduced in the journal.

  1. The authors must have obtained written authorization from the publisher that published this material and send a copy of it to the journal.
  2. f the authors have any doubts about how to proceed, the managing editor of Archivos de Neurociencias can provide them with support in this regard.


The Archives of Neuroscience journal follows the requirements established by the Committee of Medical Journal Editors regarding authorship: 

  1. Only those people who have contributed intellectually to the development of the work should appear on the list of authors.
  2. Having helped in the data collection or having participated in some technique are not by themselves sufficient criteria to appear as an author. In general, to be listed as an author, the following requirements must be met:
    1. To have participated in the conception and design, the acquisition of the data, the analysis and interpretation of the data of the study that has resulted in the article in question.
    2. Have participated in the writing of the text and in its subsequent revisions.
    3. Have approved the final version, which will be published.
    4. Have agreed to be accountable for all aspects of the study, to resolve questions related to the accuracy and completeness of any subject related to it.
  1. The corresponding author is responsible for ensuring that all co-authors meet the authorship requirements and each of them agrees to be in contact with the corresponding author.
  2. Each and every one of the authors must agree that the corresponding author will be solely responsible for submitting the manuscript to the journal and for communication with the editorial team.
  3. In submitting the manuscript, it is assumed that each of the authors has had full access to all study data and assumes full and public responsibility for the completeness and accuracy of the data analysis. For this reason, Archivos de Neurociencias declines any responsibility for possible conflicts derived from the authorship of the works published in the journal.
  4. Once the manuscript has been sent, it will not be possible to make changes in the order and number of authors, so all questions related to authorship must be resolved before sending the manuscript for the first time.
  5. The number of authors will depend on the type of manuscript submitted. For original articles and review articles, the maximum number of authors will be eight. Only when dealing with multicenter studies will the maximum number of authors be twelve, as long as it is justified according to the scope of the study.
  6. In the case of collective authorship, the name of the editors or persons in charge of the work will be included followed by "and the group ..." when all members of the group are considered co-authors of the work. If you want to include the name of the group, even if not all its members are considered co-authors, the responsible authors will be mentioned followed by "on behalf of the group ..." or "by the group ...". In any case, the names and institutions of the group members will be included in an annex at the end of the manuscript.
  7. The authors will state and declare that they have read and approved the manuscript; and that the requirements for authorship have been met.
  8. The Journal declines any responsibility for possible conflicts derived from the authorship of the works published in it.