Case report of thoracic level fracture secondary to a fall from a great height: An adequate functional outcome with timely surgical management




spinal cord injury, thoracolumbar fracture, TLICS, Posterolateral fixation


Introduction: Spinal cord trauma (SCI) can be a devastating injury for the traumatic patient, being associated with high mortality rates and significant morbidity. More than 70% of spinal cord injuries are accompanied by polytrauma and the socioeconomic burden that a spinal cord injury implies is substantial Case presentation: Female with fracture at T6-T7 type C level of the AO secondary to a fall of three meters treated with fixation posterolateral . Discussion: Type C fractures of the AO are a surgical emergency due to instability and neurological deficit.   Key words: Spinal cord injuries, Thoracolumbar fracture, TLICS, Posterolateral fixation.



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