Parkinsonism as a manifestation of secondary syphilis


  • Diego Martínez Rodríguez Facultad Mexicana de Medicina Universidad La Salle
  • Javier Higuera Ornelas
  • Paul David Uribe Jaimes



neurosyphilis, Parkinsonism, syphilis


Neurosyphilis is defined as the affection of the central nervous system due to the presence of Treponema pallidum. The most common neurological manifestations of the disease include meningitis, tabes or dementia. We report the case of a 57-year-old male who presents with Parkinson-like symptoms. Some months later he develops a rash, and the diagnosis of neurosyphilis is confirmed after a positive VDRL is found on serum and cerebrospinal fluid. After antimicrobial treatment, there is improvement of the Parkinson-like symptoms, which confirms the relationship between the neurological manifestations and the infection.


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