• Cesar Ivan Hernandez Zamora Centro Medico Nacional 20 De Noviembre
  • Franscisco Castañeda Aguayo Centro Medico Nacional ISSSTE 20 de noviembre.
  • Ricardo Valdez Orduño Centro Médico Nacional ISSSTE 20 de Noviembre. México.
  • Manuel Hernandez Salazar Centro Médico Nacional ISSSTE 20 de Noviembre. México



world health organization (WHO), Isocitrate dehydrogenase (IDH), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) , Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), Human chorionic gonadotropin beta fraction (HCG-b), Alpha feto protein (AFP)



The region pineal tumors represent a heterogeneous variety of primary neoplasms in the central nervous system. In this type of tumors the anaplastic astrocytoma have a low frequency in this region and the prognosis for survival in this type of tumor is relatively short.


We are present the case of 16 years old female with the histologic diagnosis of anaplastic astrocytoma from the pineal region with the diagnosis, treatment, follow-up, and survival for 4 years.


The anaplastic astrocytoma has a short survival   according to our review, the parenchymal pineal tumors are less frequent than germinomatous tumors. The management chosen in this case was based in the international recommendations obtaining a 4-year follow-up and survival that make this case a success, contrary to the common prognosis of its histology.


The anaplastic astrocytoma from the pineal region is a tumor whit low frequency. It executed a wide surgical resection in the presence of a highly malignant histology influences that the patient to present a disease-free survival above the average. We hope to contribute a case to the series of these rare tumor with a disease-free and stable evolution.


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