Primary Cerebral MALT Lymphoma. First latin american report




Lymphoma, B-Cell, Marginal Zone, Brain Neoplasm


INTRODUCTION: B-cell marginal zone lymphoma consisting of association with extranodal tissue or mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue “MALT” is a very rare type of low-grade indolent lymphoma usually confused with meningiomas; There are small case series that present mostly dural involvement; excluding these dural lymphomas, low-grade Primary Central Nervous System Lymphoma are extremely unusual entities.

METODS: Case report describing the clinic, diagnosis and management of the first case of primary cerebral MALT lymphoma in the region.

RESULT: Report of the first case of primary cerebral MALT lymphoma in the region, diagnosed with immunohistochemistry.

DISCUSSION: Primary cerebral MALT lymphoma is rare; Globally, only 5 cases have been reported. Among the differential diagnoses of the CNS primary lymphoma we find secondary lymphomas, cerebral toxoplasmosis, glioblastoma multiforme (glioma in butterfly), brain abscess, neurosarcoidosis and cerebral tuberculoma.

CONCLUSION: This pathology should be included in the differential diagnosis of dural and intraparenchymal masses of immunocompetent patients.


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