Mania associated with thymoma. A case report in Colombia.




Mania, Autoimmune encephalitis, Paraneoplastic syndrome, Thymoma


Antibody-mediated encephalitis may not be easily recognizable and has a heterogeneous and polymorphous presentation at the crossroads of oncology and neuropsychiatry. In this article, a case of 75-year-old female with an advanced Thymoma is presented. This patient debuts subacutely with neuropsychiatric symptoms, with positive findings in neurologic and mental exams, and laboratory results. The initial treatment worsened the affective symptoms, which required a switch to high doses of antipsychotic medication. This case allows for discussion of pathophysiological, clinical, diagnostic and treatment aspects of a patient with an unresectable neoplasia associated with neuropsychiatric symptoms. Additionally, immune treatment generates clinical difficulties. 


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