Clinical inertia in the management of patients with post-COVID 19 neurological syndrome: a problem without current evidence


  • Ivan David Lozada-Martinez Universidad de Cartagena
  • María Isabel Hernández-González Universidad del Norte
  • Cindy Vanessa Villarreal-Montenegro Universidad cooperativa de Colombia
  • José Wdroo Motta-Hernández Universidad de Ciencias Aplicadas y Ambientales
  • Nury Paola Arias-Leon Fundación Universitaria San Martin
  • Luis Rafael Moscote-Salazar Latin American Council of Neurocritical Care


Clinical inertia, post-COVID 19 neurological syndrome, post-COVID 19 syndrome, COVID-19, Neurological Disease


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Lozada-Martinez, I. D., Hernández-González, M. I., Villarreal-Montenegro, C. V., Motta-Hernández, J. W., Arias-Leon, N. P., & Moscote-Salazar, L. R. (2022). Clinical inertia in the management of patients with post-COVID 19 neurological syndrome: a problem without current evidence. Archivos De Neurociencias, 1(Inpress). Retrieved from




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