The Percheron artery syndrome, case report and literature review


  • Sebastian Leon Vallejo ISSSTE
  • Perla Karina Anzures-Gómez Departamento de medicina interna Hospital Regional ISSST
  • César Camacho-Becerra Departamento de medicina interna Hospital Regional ISSSTE
  • Daniel Reyes-Ortega Departamento de medicina interna Hospital Regional ISSSTE
  • Luis Humberto Torres-Pérez Departamento de medicina interna Hospital Regional ISSSTE
  • Gustavo González-González Departamento de neurología Hospital Regional ISSSTE



Percheron syndrome, Thalamus, posterior cerebral artery, stroke


The relevance of this clinical case is based on the fact that the timely diagnosis of cerebral vascular disease is centered on delimiting the damage once it has been diagnosed, trying at all times to identify areas of oligohemia and penumbra. Although this is a public health problem, the greater the accessibility to information on complex clinical manifestations with a neurological examination approach, the more tools colleagues will have, the better the therapeutic approach will be able to improve it.


An unusual clinical case of stroke is reported, as well as a review of the literature, taking into account that Percheron's artery was first described in 1973 by Gérard Percheron as an anatomical perforating thalamus variant, which is not so infrequent, present in up to 11 to 33% of the population, regularly underdiagnosed in our environment, recalling that the irrigation of the anterior and inferior midbrain and thalamus is given by the internal carotid artery while the medial, lateral and posterior territories are irrigated by the vertebrobasilar system.


This thalamopeduncular syndrome due to Percheron's artery occlusion is expressed as a bilateral medial thalamic infarction that generally presents with the triad of alteration of the awake state at various levels including coma, sudden partial or total paresis of the vertical gaze, impairment of cognition and memory.


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