Validation and standardization of neuropsychological tests for the evaluation of praxias and gnosias


  • Isabel Cristina Puerta-Lopera Universidad Católica Luis Amigó, Colombia
  • Carmen Dussán-Lubert Departamento de Matemáticas, Universidad de Caldas, Colombia
  • Diana Marcela Montoya-Londoño Departamento de Estudios Educativos, Universidad de Caldas, Colombia
  • Daniel Landínez-Martínez Universidad Católica Luis Amigó y Universidad de Manizales, Colombia
  • Julio Ernesto Pérez-Parra Universidad Autónoma de Manizales



praxias, gnosias, adulto joven, pruebas neuropsicológicas, reproducibilidad de resultados, estándares de referencia


Introduction: among the least studied cognitive functions are praxias and gnosias, perhaps because the specialized literature focuses on their study of brain injuries, rather than on the perspective of normality.

Objective: to describe the results of a validation and standardization study of tests for the evaluation of praxias and gnosias

Material and methods: 208 healthy university students were evaluated. The following tests were validated and standardized: Rey's complex figure test (copy) and visual retention test, visual discrimination and orientation judgment (Benton test). The following tests and analyzes were performed: appearance validity (expert judgment), content validity (factor analysis), concurrent criterion validity (correlation coefficient), internal consistency (Cronbach's alpha and Omega coefficients), consistency related to the application time (proportion of correct answers) and inter-rater consistency (intraclass correlation coefficient).

Results: adequate content validity was evidenced in all tests; adequate criterion validity in praxis evaluation measures; low criterion validity, internal consistency and test – retest reliability for gnosias and praxias tests.

Conclusions: it is advisable to use the most appropriate test for the cultural context in which it is applied and the use of standardized instruments for the target population.



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Puerta-Lopera, I. C. ., Dussán-Lubert, C., Montoya-Londoño, D. M. ., Landínez-Martínez, D. ., & Pérez-Parra, J. E. (2022). Validation and standardization of neuropsychological tests for the evaluation of praxias and gnosias. Archivos De Neurociencias, 27(1), 5–15.



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