Journal history

History of the Journal Archivos de Neurociencias

Since its foundation by Professor Dr. Manuel Velasco Suárez, the National Institute of Neurology and Neurosurgery required an organ in which its staff could communicate the results of both their research and their clinical work. This is how the the Journal “Revista del Instituto Nacional de Neurologia” (ISSN 0185-4615) was founded in 1966, its first editor being Dr. Guido Belsaso. Thanks to his dedication and enthusiasm, this journal was published for eight years.

Since then, the following doctors have been editor-in-chief: Francisco Escobedo Ríos, Francisco Rubio Donnadieu, Fernando Barinagarrementería, Fernanda Texeira, Teresa Corona and Humberto Mateos Gómez. All of them made a great effort and have put their time and dedication at the service of the Neurosciences so that the scientific community may know about the local advances made by the institutional staff.

In 1980, the journal changed its denomination to "Archivos del Instituto Nacional de Neurología y Neurocirugía" (ISSN 0187-4705). In 1996 another stage of editorial management began with a change in the title: Archivos de Neurociencias (ISSN 1028-5938, eISSN 2954-4122). Starting in 2021, a new editorial board has been selected. With Dr. Jesús Ramírez Bermúdez as the new editor-in-chief, another phase of our journal is starting.